Downtime In The Burbs

Well, we’ve been hanging out here in the suburbs, trying to relax for a few days before we take off to Argentina, and I must say that vegetating feels very rewarding. Apart from raking leaves, and taking care of a few things, we haven’t done much, and it feels good that way.

After a while though, I just need to repeat that I’m not made for the suburbs. It is nice to relax for a while, and I do enjoy the company of my in-laws, but there is NOTHING going on here. For any sort of entertainment you need to drive to the city. There is nowhere to walk except into the woods, and all our friends seem too far away, even though we’re only about 19 miles from where we used to live. Two different worlds. In my little village in Germany, you run at least into someone occasionally (if you like it or not), but here, there is hardly anyone outside. The American suburbs are not for me, and we are so moving back to the city when we’re back. But Buenos Aires is next…

2 thoughts on “Downtime In The Burbs

  1. Matt(hias)

    My dear sister,
    all the best for your trip. I will try to call you this evening, the the day before you leave.
    We’ll follow you on your journey through South America on this page.
    Kind regards


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