REI is my one consumer weakness, so buying stuff for this trip was not difficult. Everything must fit in my 65 liter pack (expandable to 75 liters). Everything should be as lightweight, functional, and durable as possible. All clothing should be synthetic, as it is easier to wash, dries faster, and holds its shape better than cotton. I may end up discarding some of this stuff, but this is everything for now.

Three t-shirts and one nicer short sleeve shirt for when I don’t want to look too scrubby

three long sleeve shirts

2 pairs of pants, one convertible

1 pair of shorts

1 fleece

4 each of socks and underwear

1 rain jacket

flip flops

chaco sandals (these are very heavy and may have to go at some point

1 travel pillow

various toiletries

simple first aid kit

small sewing kit

netbook (the heaviest item in the pack)

my kindle

2 thoughts on “Gear!

  1. Melissa

    Bon Voyage!

    Oh, and where is the photo of all of Eva’s things?

    Can’t wait to follow this blog – keep us all posted, m’friend!


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