You realize what you have when you see people who don’t. There are so many people here who collect and separate trash in Buenos Aires, that you wonder what’s going on. Doing a little research on the web, I found out that these are so-called cartoneros, who have learned “to live out of waste collection during the crisis years in Argentina“.

Apparently, these people “take trains to the Buenos Aires center from at least an hour outside of the city and pile up materials in carts to take back out“. During our cab ride from the airport, we drove by some very bad neighborhoods, and I couldn’t stop looking. Maybe some of them came from there? Who knows? One of the sad parts of Buenos Aires on our first day.


4 thoughts on “Cartoneros

  1. Sarah P.

    Very informative, Eva – I checked out the links you included, and then was inspired to do some research of my own. Can’t wait to see further posts!


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