Total Destruction

Each evening the street corner across from our hotel is a sight of complete devastation courtesy of Los Cartoneros. And this is after the Cartoneros have “sorted” the trash and hauled it away. Thankfully the real trash crews do a reasonable job of sweeping the stuff up.


One thought on “Total Destruction

  1. Mom/Chris

    You will see terrible poverty in the developing world. It always pained me to see these people as I walked by, sure that they viewed me as a rich American, expensive camera hanging around my neck. But I believe that by treating people with dignity, respect, politeness, and warmth, you can relate on a human level to most people. The one thing I found intolerable was to see wealthy westerners haggling over a dollar in the market with some poor Chilean woman. A meaningless amount of money and it conveys such disrespect. I always gave them whatever price they asked for.


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