Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

Austerity Plan

In honor of the deficit commission’s recent report, we have decided to institute our own austerity plan. Three days in we are well over budget. Of course, this includes one-time items like cab fare from the airport and Argentina’s $140 entry fee for Americans. Nevertheless, if Amurka must tighten its belt, then so too must we.

Checked into a hostel on Sunday with a 5 bed dorm (only one other dude sharing our room). It certainly isn’t nice. The beddings are about 20 years of wear beyond the point when a normal person would have discarded them and a film of grease covers just about everything in the kitchen. The handle of the knife (picture below) looks like someone seared it with a blowtorch. Still, this does not make it unserviceable for a hostel.

Add a lunch of 12 empanadas and a home-cooked dinner and the total cost for the day comes to about $45.