This is what passes for an ordinary hamburger at one restaurant in town. The beast appears to have rampaged through the kitchen, eating all other hamburgers, and possibly also all chicken sandwiches. The waitress seemed to have no appreciation for the hugeness of this burger, and could not understand our hysterical laughter at the sight of Burgerzilla.

Eva: Ohne Worte! Und da heißt es immer, die Amerikaner hätten die größten Portionen. Die Kellnerin konnte unser Gelächter auch gar nicht verstehen. Diese Art von Hamburger scheint hier wohl normal zu sein…


5 thoughts on “Burgerzilla!

  1. Tiner

    I don’t know any kind of human stomach that has enough space for THIS. just look at the bread…how much did you eat?

    1. Eva

      Matt and I had ordered a pizza. This is what our Argentinian travel buddy Andrea got. She barely ate half of it, and enjoyed the other half later that night for dinner at the hostel.


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