This Is The End

And so end the stories of Montréal and our first trip with our 5-month old baby. While this was a fine trip with such a young baby, we also realized during that time that we no longer really like big cities. We’ve been to the major ones in the world. At the top of my list are London, Paris, and Istanbul.

Montréal was not as exciting as we thought it would be. Québec City two years ago was a lot more interesting. It could be the fact that we’re getting older or that we live in a big city ourselves… We’re just tired of the noise and the traffic and will go on more nature trips in the future again. That’s all. The end.

Und so enden die Geschichten von Montréal und unserer ersten Reise mit unserem 5 Monate alten Baby. Obwohl die Reise mit so einem kleinen Baby in Ordnung war, stellten wir in der Zeit auch fest, dass uns große Städte einfach nicht mehr gefallen. Wir waren in den größten der Welt. Oben auf der Liste stehen London, Paris und Istanbul.

Montréal war nicht so spannend, wie wir dachten. Die Stadt Québec vor zwei Jahren war viel interessanter. Es könnte die Tatsache sein, dass wir älter werden oder selbst in einer Großstadt leben… Wir sind den Lärm und Verkehr einfach leid und machen in Zukunft wieder mehr Urlaub in der Natur. Das ist alles. Ende Gelände.

1 thought on “This Is The End

  1. ted ridout

    Eva—-this is from Chris. When we moved to Northampton, we realized how loud and noisy Sherman bridge was and how annoying the constant traffic was. One of the things we love about the court is how quiet it is. Even though the houses are close together, we have a feeling of total privacy. And yet so many things are a short walk away. A great combination. We love it.

    How is my little sweetheart doing? I have been surprised by how many young children and even babies there are on the ship. Home very soon—-can’t believe it’s almost over. Time is moving so fast. Hope you and Matt are doing well with Caroline and that the juggling of work and home is going smoothly. It’s not easy. Chris

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