Turkish Delight In Istanbul

During our 1-year hiatus, we spent 5 days in Istanbul after riding the train through Eastern Europe for about 3 weeks. The food was rather bland in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, therefore, Istanbul came as a fresh surprise. Since Germany has a whole subculture of Turkish food these days, we knew to expect lots of […]


Istanbul is easily one of the world’s great cities. Turkish food is fantastic after the blandness of Eastern European grub. It has as much history as Rome, if not more, as the excellent Istanbul Archaeological Museum can attest. Hagia Sofia, the former Christian church and Islamic mosque, and now museum is one of the world’s […]

This Is The End

And so end the stories of Montréal and our first trip with our 5-month old baby. While this was a fine trip with such a young baby, we also realized during that time that we no longer really like big cities. We’ve been to the major ones in the world. At the top of my […]

What Happened to Night Trains?

When we planned out this trip, we had this romantic notion of riding the night train from Lisbon to Madrid. RENFE, the Spanish railroad, offered tickets on the Trenhotel, a train that serves as a night hotel. We even plurged some by getting fancy first class tickets with a private cabin. After all, we’re no […]

Cats Around The World

The other day, we were sharing pictures from our trip with friends. As we went down memory lane, we mentioned that during our travels, we saw a lot of cats in all sorts of different countries. Being the cat fanatic that I am, I realized that I had never written about this. This was one […]

Nostalgia Series – Prague: Old-World Charm And A Travel Bug

Whenever we go see family in Germany, we try to combine our travels with a side trip to another destination. For four days at the end of 2009, we made that Prague. With the Europa-Spezial ticket offered by the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s railway company, you can get from Frankfurt to Prague in as little as 6.5 hours for […]


Photos are updated through Istanbul and can be seen here. Trip map is up to date here. Fotos sind bis Istanbul aktuell und hier zu finden. Reiselandkarte ist auch aktuell hier.