Torres del Paine, Days 7 and 8

At 6 am on day 7 the skies had cleared and we set out up the Valle del Francés. The views along the trail we rather disappointing, with most of the hike through forest, and few good viewpoints until we reached Campamento Brittanico and were finally afforded panoramic views of the peaks. We also found […]

Torres del Paine, Days 5 and 6

Sadly, this is also the section of the trail that becomes extremely busy, with scores of tents and a massive lodge. We also noticed a stark contrast in people’s behavior here from the small, intimate groups we encountered earlier in the Circuit. The campsite was very loud, and people were much less respectful than at […]

Torres del Paine, Days 3 and 4

After a better second day than first, we were looking forward to the hike to Los Perros on day three (see map previous post). The weather was good, although fog still clung to the tops of the mountains, and the trail from Dickson to Perros is only 4 hours through a mostly wooded area. About […]

Torres del Paine, Days 1 and 2

The day before heading to Torres del Paine we rented a tent, sleeping bags, and other gear in town, stocked up on 9 days worth of food, and crammed it all into our packs. Carrying this much is, of course, daunting and by day two our shoulders were aching and my hip bones were red […]

Backcountry Hiking – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

This is going to be a long post. We just returned from two weeks in Wyoming spent in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. What an experience! I’m going to split up my posts over the next few weeks to report on everything that happened. This one is going to be about our backcountry trip in […]

Recap – 8 Months Later…

Here it is: the long overdue reflection post. I can’t believe it’s been 8 months. We came back in late September, 2011. Things moved fast. I started teaching two days after our return and we moved into our old neighborhood roughly 2.5 weeks later. And believe it or not, I started at my old company […]

The Choquequi’raw Trail to Machu Picchu

Only 500 tourists per day are allowed to depart for the traditional hike through the famous “Inca Trail” en route to Machu Picchu, and the Peruvian government requires that all book a guided tour through an agency. Since the prices for such tours can be extortionate, there are several alternative Inca Trails, the most popular […]